Talibri is an earthlike world with a single moon.

It has 5 distinct continents, and several clusters of islands.


Ruled by: Kingdom of Leola/Barbarian Tribes

The land of Vedin is a land of war and magic, split in two by a large stretch of destroyed and blackened land known as the Dead Scar. On the western half is the kingdom of Leola, with it's Capital of Lowenheim. Leola survives on it's magically enhanced crops, lumber, and plentiful resources. On the eastern side of the Dead Scar are the wildlands. The wildlands are a territory of grasslands, plains, and generally flat area ruled by nomadic tribes of barbarians that have no interest in magic or civilization. Marosh is on the southern shore of the wildlands and is controlled by a trade guild. Marosh is largely ignored by the barbarian tribes. Vedin is considered to be on the eastern side of the world.

Key places: Lowenheim, Gild, Oros, Cauruin, Raan, Emelglad, Necropolis, Marosh, The Wildlands


Ruled by: People's Repulic of Lani

The smaller island continent of Lani sits in between all continents, and is said to have fish from all over the world there. It's a tropical paradise filled with lush jungles, beautiful white beaches, and a dormant volcano. It's controlled by a democratically elected senate, and has good relations with all other countries. It boasts the largest library in the world in it's capital Kulana. Legends say that Lani was the place where the gods entered the world during its creation. The land is filled with small fishing and hunting villages along the shoreline and in the jungles. The people of Lani tend to have darker skin, largely due to the lifestyle and weather meaning that they get much more sun on a regular basis.

Key Places: Kulana, Lawa, Koa


Ruled by: Kingdom of Suman

The desert lands of Suman were originally called Kavir a hundred years ago but changed when the ruling party of Suman decided to rename it after themselves. Since then, the continent has become peaceful and prosperous, as well as home to the famous Paladins of Hassan. The capital city Rakesh has the largest temple in the world dedicated to Hassan. It's well known for taking in all of the sick, weak, poor, and anyone that needs help. Outside of Rakesh, in the sea of glass, civilization is few and fair between in the harsh desert land. The people of suman tend to have very very dark skin, from the harsh desert sun beating down on them. Suman is in the far west corner of the world, far removed from the other continents

Key Places: Rakesh, Sea of Glass, Obe


Ruled by: United Amican Party

A land of wealth and discovery with fierce national pride. The land of Amica once was originally broken into many small city-states. In-fighting between differents neighboring clans eventually lead to all out war, the conflict was called the 200 year war. At the height of the conflict, when the two largest clans reached a stalemate, a truce was called and an agreement was made to end the fighting and cooperate to destroy the other clans and bring an end to the war. The combined strength of the two clans quickly brought the war to an end and a document was drafted to unify the land. Now, each city-state that remains sends delegates to a parliament to vote on the laws of the land. Amica's Capital New Jack City was built in the center of the continent between several city states as a symbol of unity and a place of government. Amica largely avoids dealing with other countries. The land of Amica is made up of various climates and boasts a wealth of various resources. The people of Amica are a mix of people, varying in skin colors of all kinds. The culture here delights in using unnatural colors for hair, skin, eyes, or anything they can think of. The more different and varied the better. Amicans also have a distaste for magic and prefer to use inventions and technology whenever possible.

Key Places: New Jack City, Dome, Twin Capes, Smithton, Various other City-States

The Frozen North

Not much is known about the Frozen north. It has few if any inhabitants as its bitter cold and frozen winds discourage creating any permanent settlements. As of now the land is mostly spoken of in legends as a place filled with monsters and death.

The Dragon Isles

Ruled By: Dragon Clans

The dragon isles are not found on most maps. The islands are impossible to find through non-magical means as the dragon clans do not regularly welcome visitors. Dragons are creatures of myth to most of the world, but in their hidden land, they are plentiful. The dragon isles are made up of 5 islands, 4 larger islands surrounding a 5th. On each of the 4 islands, magic has affected the climate to make the seasons permanent, a different season on each isle. On the 5th isle is the Dragonmount, an active volcano where dragon clans meet. The land surrounding the dragonmount is filled with magical herbs and ores that can only be found there.

Key Places: Vahgolt (Spring), Koorgol(summer), Galikmah (autumn), Diniz (winter), Dragonmount

Dimensional Tower

Far north, on a small island less than a mile across sites a tower. The door to the tower is usually locked, however, given the proper magically attuned key, it can open a door to an attuned dimension.

Map Of The Known World